At Brendle we have been synthesizing metal compounds and metal nanoparticles (NP) for more than 40 years. Although we have traditionally used these compounds for the manufacture of pastes and inks for the decoration of vitreous substrates, these components are also used in applications such as:

  • Thick film pastes for electronics
  • Temperature sensors (Pt RTD)
  • Catalysts (NP Au, Ag, Rh, Pt and Pd)

The metallic compounds that we currently have available are:


• Gold NP Resinate
• Gold Powder
• Nonanethiol Functionalized Gold NP
• Nonanethiol Functionalized Gold NP Powder


• Dodecanethiol Stabilized Palladium NP
• Isooctyl Thioglycolate Stabilized Palladium NP


• Dodecanethiol Stabalized Platinum NP
• Isooctyl Thioglycolate Stabalized Platinum NP


• Dodecanethiol Stabilized Rhodium NP
• Isooctyl Thioglycolate Stabilized Rhodium NP


• Dodecanethiol Functionalized Silver NP
• Silver Benzoate
• Silver Carbonate
• Silver Neodecanoate
• Silver Triazole

Currently, most of these metal compounds are synthesized in batches of 1 – 5 kg due to our internal requirements. However, we could increase the lot of size depending on the needs of your company.

We have exhaustive control over the synthesis process that allows us to ensure the highest quality and reproducibility of the product. In addition, our production process is optimized and allows us to reduce costs and have very fast delivery times.
In the technical sheet of each product, you will find more detailed information about it. If you need any information that does not appear in the technical sheet, please let us know.

Do not hesitate to contact us if your company is interested in any of these compounds, or if you need a different compound of any of these metals. With our extensive experience in the synthesis of metal compounds and nanoparticles, we can advise you on our products or synthesize the metal compound you need.